Revisiting “The Good Enough Revolution” from Wired Mag

I’m a subscriber of Wired Magazine for as long as I can remember.  There genuinely isn’t 1 other magazine that truly covers so many of my interests so incredibly well!  Why would I tell you all of this & what does it have to do w/ my blog post?  Well …

Back in 2009, Wired published an article called “The Good Enough Revolution.” Please take the time to read the entire article.  It’s a revolutionary perspective on technology regression for the sake of access & portability.  For years, the goal of technology was to come up w/ the absolute best product available.  We wanted the best audio quality, the fastest computer, the clearest video … the list goes on & on.  Then, all of sudden, the paradigm changed.

The advent of mobile devices quickly made access & portability the preferred option over technically superior (and always more expensive) fixed solutions.  Audiophile quality music is awesome … if you just want to listen in your car or @ home.  MP3 music is still really good quality – AND – you can take it w/ you anywhere you go on your mobile devices.

Use all of this as an analogy for Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) products right now.  Sure, there are almost always going to be better fixed-hardware solutions then there currently are for SaaS options.  But, they’re both fixed & expensive.  SaaS is giving businesses the opportunity to take advantage of new technologies that are ‘good enough.’

Businesses waiting for the ‘perfect’ solution will play catch-up to the early adopters of the ‘good enough’ solutions all day long!!

The “Local Commerce 2.0” Movement Just Got a BIG Lift today!

We @ Blending Circles have a serious pass for early adoption. It started out as a personal hobby – and has ended up becoming one of our client’s best assets!

Local Commerce is a top as old as the earliest settlements. But for the first time since the introduction of credit/debit cards, we’re experience a revolution in Local Commerce. That’s why we have 1 of our tabs/service pages dedicated exclusively to the opportunity right here.

Today, that revolution got a huge boost when Google introduced Google Wallet & Google Offers simultaneously. Here’s a link from TechCrunch

Google Unveils Wallet And Offers: An Open Platform For Mobile Payments

I won’t rehash the article, but, I will highly encourage you to take the time to read it in it’s entirety. Simply fascinating, futuristic & consumer friendly … all @ the same time!

Every retailer, bar, restaurant, hotel, B&B, artist, crafter … the list really goes on forever … should begin to rethink their approach to Local Commerce. The ways of the old world are changing – be there before your customers start choosing other options that are already there!

Jumping into the Pool

As a digital media professional since 1999, I’m sad to say this is my very first blog posting. Ever. It’s a good thing people can’t throw stones as punishment – and believe me – I’m as disappointed in myself as you.

Nina Simone said it best … “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me. And I’m feelin’ good!”

2011 marks the year I jump into the blogging pool. I look forward to sharing (and receiving) insight into a variety of life’s topics, including:

Social Media
Digital Media

I consider myself to be more a renaissance man then a vertical kind of guy. Expect the unexpected. @ least that’s my goal.

Here’s to a happy, healthy & prosperous new year. And many more posts!!

Cheers. – Scott